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The Project Leadership Academy

10x your confidence in 10-weeks to become an authentic project leader without being overwhelmed by project methodology and the fear of the unknown


The Academy

The Project Leadership Academy is an interactive coached course designed to manifest your authentic leadership so you can apply it within the unique context of project delivery.

This program is for project managers, scrum masters, or aspiring project managers who are committed to reaching the next level and enhance how they approach and deliver their projects through leadership. This is perfect for individuals or for organizations looking to build project leadership.

Get ready to take on your next adventure.

Our mission is to build a community of project leaders who help the world materialize visions through project leadership

The Dimensions

The Academy follows the familiar story of the "Journey of the Hero" to help you transform into the authentic leader through three main steps:



Understand yourself, the organization, and the project prior to doing all the tactical work. It's a combination of knowing strengths, weaknesses, strategy, and purpose before diving into the deep. By appreciating this alignment, you can better equipped to structure the delivery of your project.

Embark on Adventure

The first part of the journey is taking that first step. Starting off on the right foot will be important and that includes how you build your team, the plan, and communicate within and outside your project team.

Meet the Challenges

The battle has only begun and challenges will arise. You need to be well equipped to create the best chance of success for your project and includes building skills of conflict resolution, negotiation, critical thinking, question-asking, and enabling performance. We will also examine sustainment, perspectives on benefits realization. Finally, the last part is understanding your transformational leadership journey and how you have grown not only through this course, but through every project you complete.

The Difference

Many people talk about leadership in context of the organization, but how do you inspire, drive, coordinate, and deliver within the context of a project?


The Project Leadership Academy is designed to be industry and methodology agnostic. It is intended to enhance the way you think about project delivery, not just how.

Project management frameworks and methodologies provide you the tools to manage a project, but you can augment your approach by giving yourself the skills to lead authentically.

You are more than a project manager. Reimagine yourself as an authentic project leader.

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