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Superpower Your
Project Managers To Be
Confident, Strategic Project Leaders

Are your project managers underperforming even with processes and governance are in place?

Are you unsure how to objectively support your project managers to grow?

Are you under-resourced and unable to help your project managers ideate solutions?

When Projects Run Into Challenges...

There's support for the project, but how much support is there for the project manager?

Project managers may not feel safe to tell you their struggles as their position may be threatened... Ironically, that's when the threat of replacing the project manager becomes real.

But what's the cost of replacing the current project manager?


  • 3+ months of project budget burn (usually much more...)

  • Lowered productivity and morale of the project team

  • Uncertainty of finding an appropriate new PM

  • Loss of institutional knowledge

  • Ramp down/ramp up time

  • Unhappy stakeholders


Processes and governance of PMOs only get you so far. How is your organization building PM capability?

WHAT IF... We could create a scenario where everyone wins?

  • Build capability in your current PMs in supporting their development

  • Take immediate actions to get productivity back up

  • Reduce your costs to getting projects back on track

  • Improve stakeholder relationships

Interested to learn more?

Let's Elevate Your
PM Performance

These services are designed to help your Project Managers:

  • Build Competence.

  • Build Capability.

  • Build Confidence.

Project Leadership
Workshop + Coaching

This is a customized workshop to focus on the key leadership areas that would most benefit your project managers.

But wait, There's more! Don't let workshop learnings go to waste! 


The workshop is coupled with 2-months of post-workshop coaching where your project managers will be able to share their scenarios and integrate their learnings into day-to-day business activities to enhance their project delivery capability.


Be proactive and build your team of project leaders today!

Meeting Room

Work with leadership topic areas, such as:​

  • Leadership Goal-Setting

  • Mindset

  • Team Building

  • Critical-Thinking

  • Question Asking

  • PM Technical Enhancement

  • Communication

  • Bias Understanding

  • Decision-Making

  • Problem-Solving

Ready to Empower Your Project Managers?

Coaching-As-A-Service (CaaS)

If your project manager needs:

  • objective help with their project challenges immediately

  • more perspective into the challenges they are facing

  • a confidential safe space to ideate actionable solutions

This is for you!

1:1 Coaching Sessions Are Designed To Drive Outcomes

Each session follows the following format:

  1. Review and reflection on previous action steps and results

  2. Ensure clear understanding of the problem to be solved

  3. Understand the desired outcome

  4. Dive deep into:

    • Mindset

    • Barriers

    • Creative solutions

  5. Formulate and agree to an action plan to realize results

The sessions are focused on using powerful questions to build introspective solutions. It allows us to create the best solutions within the current context of your project while driving forward with results.

Image by Diego PH

Are you ready to get support for your projects now?

Helping Your PMs Deliver Better

My name is Ben Chan.

With 15+ years of experience in leading projects and management consulting engagements in a variety of industries, I've seen a lot of different projects - including rescue projects that need to be brought out of the fire.

I understand the pressure and the feelings when so much is on the line.

The strategies I've developed are both from experience and applied knowledge to move projects and teams to achieve what they thought they couldn't.


These techniques layer on top of project management methodologies and frameworks. By examining how we think, communicate, build trust, resolve conflict, and inspire - I believe these can create the effective and confident project leader.

Let's not only see what you can do, let's see what you could do.

Are you ready?


Coaching Testimonials

Ketema, Project Manager

I loved getting to participate in this Project Leadership Coaching program!


Ben’s positive energy and smile is infectious, and I always felt safe to express whatever situation or experience I was dealing with and know that I was going to receive open and honest feedback.

Let's Superpower Your
Project Managers Today!

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