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Become the
Confident, Strategic Project Leader

  • Need immediate assistance to help overcome your project challenges?

  • Need an objective safe space to help ideate solutions?

  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure what your next steps are?


1:1 Coaching - Designed To Drive Improvement and Performance

These aren't mentoring or lecture sessions to tell you what you should do. The coaching sessions are designed to be introspective sessions to help you dive deeper within yourself so you can build solutions that best work for your situation.

Why is coaching more effective?

  1. You gain greater perspective into your mindset that drives your actions

  2. You gain larger clarity on possible options and a wider lens of the situation

  3. The insights that you generate are yours

  4. There is a clear accountability action plan to drive results

Are you open to the possibility of supercharging your performance through coaching?

The Coaching Process - How it works


Problem Understanding

Ensure your have a clear understanding of the challenge




Clearly define your goals and desired outcomes



Examine your mindset, thought-process, and possible barriers




Develop creative solutions aligned with your goals




Create an accountable action plan to achieve your goals

Regular 1:1 coaching sessions can be purchased in 2 to 3 month packages

Are you open to the possibility of supercharging your performance through coaching?


Ketema, Project Manager

I loved getting to participate in this Project Leadership Coaching program!


Ben’s positive energy and smile is infectious, and I always felt safe to express whatever situation or experience I was dealing with and know that I was going to receive open and honest feedback.

Looking for the on-demand digital course?

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