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Nadim K, General Manager

Ben kept his team's morale high through some major shifts in stakeholders and fended off anything that altered focus from delivering a great product.


However, it is his thought partnership, user-focus and hunt for whatever lurks in our shadows that made him so impactful. He focuses deeply on the strategic outcomes for a business and marries that with the execution of any initiative, no matter the size.


I'm very grateful to have delivered an impactful project alongside Ben - much of that is because of him. You want Ben on your team

Vanessa V, Change Manager

Ben provides a fun, collaborative, and unique style to his Project Management delivery. When (We) went to remote work during COVID-19, Ben helped his team stay connected through fun, engaging activities that kept the morale high and focused on the priorities.


Ben can handle stress, project deadlines and an evolving environment like riding a bike. Ben provided clear direction to his team and stakeholders during uncertain times and delivered on-time, under budget and achieved results.


It was a pleasure working with Ben!

Wanita N, Program Manager

Ben was instrumental in the success of launching new programs to clients. He was generous with his time and expertise, and was always looking for the most efficient way to implement projects.


He demonstrated leadership and drive for the company!

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